SouthPoint Budget

Through your generous giving, we are able to do numerous things throughout our county and around the world.  Your tithes and offerings also help us to do the ministry of the local church.  This is how those expenses are broken down annually.

Pie Chart Breakdown

  • 33% Salaries
  • 21% Building & Grounds
  • 13% Administration
  • 13% Sunday Morning Experience
  • 10% Tithe Out Of House
  • 10% Savings

Areas To Give

  • Benevolence
  • Hunger2Hope
  • Missions
  • Next Step
  • Pastor's Love Offering
  • Servolution
  • Oneighty (Youth)
  • General Tithes & Offerings


Some of our "Tithe Out Of House" goes to support ARC, The Association of Related Churches. ARC is an association of relational churches working with church planters and church leaders to provide support, guidance, and resources to launch and grow LIFE-GIVING churches.

Take a look at what our tithes have helped to achieve in 2017.