Past Message Series

The Me In We

Seven billion people occupy this tiny slice of history. And it's not by accident. God chose our generation to make a difference–but He doesn’t want us to do it alone. Find out how in The Me in We.


With Easter 2017 we wanted to get to the heart of the matter of why we do what we do here at SouthPoint. Find out what God's desire is for you through Pulse. 

Soul Man

Culture says "express yourself" and "believe in yourself" and even that you should "be true to yourself." But what if your self is a train wreck? What if there's someone else to believe in and be true to? Our new series SOUL MAN will take you on a journey to peeling back the layers and discovering that there's so much more to life than what meets the eyes.

The Artist

Everything in life is based on relationships and those relationships leave permanent marks on our lives and in our souls. We will discover how to navigate different types of relationships, and learn how to limit the destructive behaviors and attitudes that mark us, allowing the original artist free reign in our lives and relationships.

SouthPoint's 10 Year Anniversary

Celebrate with us as we look back on the past 10 Years of SouthPoint Church.